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Rohde Brothers Excavating Inc. prides itself on our efforts to make our work environments as safe as possible. These are some procedures we have implemented in our company.


1.Trucks are furnished with radios to call base in case of emergency.

2.The foreman is equipped with a cell phone

3.Emergency phone numbers are given to supervisory personnel and are posted in the company office and in the job trailers.

4.First aid kits are furnished in the construction trailers and trucks on job sites.

5.Safety meetings are held by our firm.

6.Our firm does preventive maintenance to assure equipment is kept in safe condition.

7.Miss dig is notified before any excavation is started on any project.

8.Fire extinguishers are supplied in all trucks.

9.Rohde Brothers Excavating, Inc. has a written Health and Safety Plan.

10.Rohde Brothers Excavating, Inc. maintains Chemical/Material Safety Data Sheets detailing health hazard information.

11.Each foreman has a copy of the Rohde Brothers Excavating Inc. safety papers

1.Accident Prevention Program

2.Safety Standard, Excavating, Trenching & Shoring

3.Confined Space Safety Policy with Entry Permits

4.Respiration Protection Plan

5.Hazardous Communications Programs

6.Material Safety Data Sheets

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