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The Rohde Family Has Grown by 4 Paws

Near the end of March, a pup was dumped across the street from Rohde Bros. Excavating, Inc.’s office. After the puppy had been there for some time, we knew we had to rescue it. One of our Vice-Presidents and her son stopped and spoke with the neighbors. The dog had been there overnight, and they did not know to whom, the precious pup belonged. Our vice-president coaxed the starving puppy into her car with tortillas in hand. When he was brought into the office for further inspection, we found that he was severely underweight and filthy. Despite this, it was only a matter of seconds before we all fell in love.

We called animal control, made them aware of the situation, and filled out all the found dog paperwork. After the five business days that the State of Michigan has you wait to ensure no one is looking for a lost animal, we set the pup up with a vet visit. Luckily, he was given a clean bill of health and put on a strict five meals a day diet.

We had initially named him Tortilla because that is how we got him in the car, but his name was formally changed to Odin after the waiting period. OD for short. His nickname OD is short for Outer Drive, where we found him.

Our Accountant and his wife adopted him, and OD now gets to come into the office

every day and get lots of attention treats and walks with all the employees, which he and his owners love.

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