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We are Rohde Bros.

Rohde Bros. Excavating Inc. has been family-owned and operated since 1946 in Saginaw County. With a history like that, it is easier to focus on all of the years of great work, hundreds of successful jobs, and never really think about the family name behind it all. Rohde is a German surname from the area of Germany called Roden. Rohde was originally for families that lived in that region to help identify where they were from.

Fast forward a few hundred years as many people begin to migrate, and the Rohde spelling starts to see slight changes like Rhode or Rodhe. With these changes, they are still pronounced the same, ROW-dee. Family-centered from the start 75 years ago, everyone we do business with becomes a family member, don't worry, we are more than happy to help you with spelling and pronunciation. So next time you need excavation, site development, utility installation, demolition, or water services, think of Rohde Brothers.

We asked Vice-Presidents Brian and Rich all of the ways they’ve seen their last name spelled and pronounced & Spelled:







99% of the time incorrectly: ROW-d or Road

1% of the time correctly: ROW-dee

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