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Why We Demo

As leaders in building demolition, Rohde Bros. Excavating has had to demolish some stunning and historic buildings. This is always done as a last option for buildings that are now unable to be safely occupied. There are several reasons a structure would need to be demolished, even if it looks safe, livable, and repairable.

One reason an old building will need to be demolished is because it has asbestos or mold, which are both very dangerous when inhaled. These hazards are found in many older buildings. Asbestos was commonly used as an insulator through the 1970s. Asbestos-containing homes or buildings are demoed with care for the safety of our workers and the public. Rohde Bros employees are trained and take refresher courses yearly to ensure proper handling of these contaminated materials.

Structural issues are another reason for demolition. Once a building inspector condemns a structure, it cannot be used for any purpose. A common reason for condemning a structure is because a roof has fallen in. When a roof is unstable, the remaining structure becomes unstable and sometimes unrepairable, meaning the only option is to demolish it.

When a building has had fire damage beyond repair, it will be condemned and must be demolished. At Rohde Brothers, fire-damaged buildings are always treated with extra precautions because hazardous material testing can not be performed before the demolition starts. On some occasions, this type of demo may look as if the structure is still intact or able to be fixed when in reality, it is beyond repair.

With all of the buildings that have been demolished, Rohde Bros. Excavating always does it as fast and safe as possible, and when the building is down, we know we are making that community safer. Below we have attached a photo of a demolition that we have done. Make sure to visit our Facebook or website for photos and videos of demolitions we have done in the Saginaw, Midland, and Bay City area.

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